In a world nearly ran by social media, more than likely you and your business have some kind of presence on social media. Whether you simply have a Facebook and or Instagram account, the trending focus of any “marketing strategy” is to gain more followers / likes. 

You see it all the time in your newsfeeds, “Want to win [insert lame product giveaway]….” followed by a checklist of items you need complete in order to qualify to enter. 

For example:

Want to enter to win?

  • Follow us and [insert giveaway partner]
  • Tag 3 friends
  • Like Us on Facebook
This is not only tedious for the end user [aka your prospect] it also violates Facebook / Instagrams TOS. But if you choose to do this, you might see a spike in your followers. –Good for you!
why followers do not matter.

Okay, followers do matter in a sense–however you could have all the followers in the world but if they don’t interact / engage with your content it wouldn’t matter. 

This is something that has become all too common. People and companies alike just look at the follower count and say “Well we have XX number of followers…”. –Cool, but what is your engagement rate?

Engagement rate is what matters. You can quickly find out what your engagement rate is HERE.


  • You can buy followers
  • You can buy likes


When you post to Facebook or Instagram your post is only being served up to an average 1% of your fan base. Meaning if you have 1,000 followers your post will only be shown in the newsfeeds for 100 fans or followers. –Are you starting to see why follow count doesn’t matter as much as you thought? 

Of those people who got served up your post in your news feed, how many people do you think actually saw your post for more than 1 sec when scrolling through their feed? –Not very many. 

where your focus should be.

We are all on social media daily for hours at a time. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be posting on your social media accounts. 

What I am saying is, you need to change your mindset about social media and your strategy behind what you are doing on these channels to actually make an impact. 

Social Media is about creating conversations with your community, helping them get to know you, who you are and what you are all about. 

Social Media is your first step in your sales funnel. The objective is to move them along the process to convert them from a cold lead on a public facing list to warmed up and eager to buy on an owned list and ultimately a buyer and lifelong customer. But what are public lists and owned lists you ask? 

public lists vs owned lists

Communicating with your prospects comes down to two primary lists – public facing lists and owned lists. Below is an explanation of each and you will quickly learn which is more powerful. 

Public lists consists of:

focus of public lists:

The fall backs of public lists:

The issue with public lists are that they all reside within third party apps and the data is owned by those third party apps such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. They control the data and they control who sees what and when. 

WHAT ARE owned lists?

Owned lists are lists made up of prospects who have subscribed or gave you permission that are not limited or restricted to certain rules and limitations of third party apps. 



You have the ability to communicate with prospects on your own time without restrictions and limitations of algorithms on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and YouTube. 

It takes a bigger commitment for prospects to be on an owned list. BUT…

The bigger the commitment, the closer to them saying “YES!” I am ready to buy from you. 

how to move your prospects from a public list to an owned list?

It all takes time, trust and commitment from potential prospects to move them across the gap from being on a public list to an owned list. 

However, there are ways to speed up the process. You can either try what you think may work or you can use an agency like us that has a proven track record of growing social media accounts to over 2 million+ fans and followers and nurturing those public list prospects to being on owned lists, and then converting them to buyers and life long customers.


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For the last five years, Jeff M. Vanasdal has been working for Can-Am Off-Road as the Global Community Manager. In his role, he helped Can-Am Off-Road generate authentic engaging conversations and helped grow their social media accounts to over 2 million followers.

Now, Jeff and his team of developers and marketing experts work with numerous off-road and watercraft companies to grow their businesses with unique omni-channel marketing and lead generation. 

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